Big Shotter Fireworks Why Choose US!

Big Shotter Fireworks is one of the biggest fireworks distributers in the UK. Our Fireworks are the best of the best and give outstanding displays. Mix and match with our huge range to create a one of a kid display for your event.

Big Shotter Fireworks has been in business for years and years delivering fireworks for all occasions. We have a full range of fireworks which are suitable for all different garden space to large public displays. Our fireworks include Single Ignition, Big Rockets, Sparklers, Barrages, Catherine Wheels, Fountains and mines and indoor fireworks.

Our fireworks are ready to be used for all events including Bonfire night which is right round the corner.

We have a store where you can come and browse all the latest fireworks and all the latest offers we have or if you want to you can visit our online store and be able to select your chosen fireworks from a vast range online. We are always bringing out new products which are outstanding that you need to add them to your order. We just love fireworks and bringing you some new and exciting options in addition to your old favourites is what we love to do.

You might be new to the whole fireworks scene and need some help. Don’t worry we have got your back. we suggest going through our whole range where you will find different types of fireworks from rockets to barrages helping you explore further.  If you still think you need some help deciding how to choose the best ones we are just a chat way. You can call, email or chat to us online and one of our lovely team will be more than willing to help create the best firework bundle for you.

Orders through our website for delivery to mainland U.K, receive the same personal attention and every effort is made to ensure that your online shopping is an enjoyable, hassle free and a repeatable experience.

At Big Shotter fireworks all our Staff receive extensive training in Product Knowledge, Safety, and Customer Care. They can offer friendly and helpful advice to make your purchase a pleasant experience and a firework display to remember.

Big Shotter Fireworks

57 Darley Street



Mobile: 07931 714846 / 07983 690741

Website: www.big-shotter-fireworks.co.uk

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