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We are now moving into the 21st Century by launching our new shop and website, we are now fully equipped for you to buy fireworks all year round and online with an excellent set-up enabling us to ship goods often for next day delivery (if required).

We accept most major credit cards as well as PayPal, etc so it has never been easier to buy fireworks online.

Why is Delivery of Fireworks Expensive

Unfortunately, due to strict UK firework regulations on the transportation of hazardous goods, delivering fireworks is extremely difficult with only a select number of couriers in the UK specialising in doing so. As a direct consequence of these changes, firework carriage costs have increased dramatically over the last year. Therefore, as we are unable to send fireworks through normal couriers then delivery costs are significantly higher than everyday items.

We understand that delivery does seem expensive and we do try to do everything we can to discount it as much as possible, while also providing an unrivalled level of service. If you do however have any questions regarding delivery costs please get in touch with us on 07931 714846.

Fireworks Shop near me
Leave it to us
The experiencing of seeing a magical fireworks show is something that will never be forgotten. Creating this magic is our passion and something we are highly experienced at. Making the right choices about which firework to use, when to use them, and most importantly, how to keep everyone safe, requires a lot of careful planning and attention to detail. Let us do all the hard work in creating the experience, so you can be part of witnessing the magic with your family and friends.
Fireworks – any day, every day!
The buzz of enjoying a spectacular fireworks display doesn’t need to be limited to once a year. You can create that excitement for any kind of celebration at any time in the year. Simply contact us, then leave the rest to our expertise to provide a not to be forgotten event.