Big Shotter Fireworks On The Run – 200 Shot

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Big Shotter Fireworks On The Run

TL19409 – 200 Shot Barrage Pack (4 x 50 Shot Cakes)

Spectator Distance: 25 metres

Duration (Approximately): 90 seconds

On The Run, if you liked our last years best seller Big Boss you are going to fall in love with this mammoth four compound cakes firing a total of 200 shots and lasting a whopping 90 seconds. Just when you thought an already amazing compound cake could not get any better the team at Big Shotter Fireworks team have gone back to the drawing board with this one and totally reinvented Big Boss with a truly amazing compound cake. All four cakes are pre-fused together to make one huge single ignition. The crazy thing is each cake is 995g in powder weight this means the effects are bigger and bigger and it just just keeps going!


On The Run 1

Red tail to red star silver strobe
Red tail to green star silver strobe
Red tail to purple star silver strobe
Red tail to yellow star silver strobe

On The Run 2

Brocade crown & crackling with crackling mine

On The Run 3

Blue pearls gold strobe with blue mine

On The Run 4

Time rain willow with red & green pearls with red tail
Crackling with red tail


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