Celebrate Bonfire Night and New Year 2020 with Big Shotter Fireworks!

As the UK is the only place in the world that celebrates it, this tradition of celebrating Bonfire Night is already unique; make this year’s event even more exceptional by choosing from our huge range of fireworks.

This tradition of Bonfire Night, or Guy Fawkes Night as it’s also known, dates back to the early 17th century, and is one of the most distinctive and exciting events to take place in the country. The reason the gunpowder plot is also called Guy Fawkes Night is due to the main conspirator in a failed attempt to assassinate King James I.  The plotters put a hoard of gunpowder under the Houses of Parliament, which they aimed to blow up when the King was in the building. Guy Fawkes being found guarding the gunpowder led to nationwide celebrations, and the later execution of the plotters got a decree from the King himself, allowing the foiled plot to be celebrated.

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Thus was born the tradition of celebrating Bonfire Night with a bang!

Celebrate with Big Shotter Fireworks by choosing from our unrivalled range of cakes, barrages, rockets and selection boxes.

Shortly after Bonfire Night comes and even bigger and older celebration for New Year. This event has been celebrated for over 2,000 years and is now a tradition in almost every part of the world.

Make this year’s celebration of both events extra special and unforgettable by looking out for the amazing deals we have aimed at each event.

Be Safe. Be Well. Have a blast!

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